FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • What must I bring with me to tour an apartment?

    We require a government issued photo identification for all tours.

  • What are your fees and monthly charges?

    We charge a $32 application fee per applicant, and a $200 application deposit. Applicant credit results may result in a larger deposit requirement.  Monthly rent due on first of each month.

  • What are the income and credit qualifications?

    We are 100% income restricted based on 2013 HUD VHDA 60%.  Visit home page of website and select “see if I qualify” for more details.  Positive credit standing is required for standard approval. Lower scores may require an additional deposit or denial. Monthly income must be 2.5 times the monthly rent amount.

  • What is acceptable “proof of income” to sign a lease?

    We require the last 4-6 consecutive paystubs, a current LES, 3 (three) months’ bank statements or an official offer letter to verify income. If self employed, we require last year’s tax return to include the schedule C.

  • What happens if I qualify for an apartment, but my roommate does not?

    All applicants, 18 & over, have to qualify!

  • Is my application deposit totally refundable?

    If your application is declined your application deposit will be refunded. If you cancel your application for any reason your application deposit will be retained as liquidated damages. Otherwise, your application deposit is applied to your security deposit and will be refunded, less any deductions, within 45 days of move-out.

  • If I get a job transfer, can I break the lease?

    If you are terminating your lease for any reason other than military service transfers, you are responsible for lease cancellation fees.

  • How long is the term of the lease?

    We offer 12 month leases.

  • Do you accept leases for short terms?

    Not at this time.

  • Do you offer furnished apartments?

    We currently do not have furnished units available.

  • Do you offer corporate apartments?


  • If something needs to be repaired in my apartment, how do I report it?

    For your convenience we have a Resident Portal available via the property website. You can send your non-emergency request 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  One of our maintenance team members will promptly address the problem within 48 business hours.

  • Are residents permitted to paint their apartment?

    We do allow you to paint your apartment however it is your responsibility to return the apartment to its original condition before moving out. Contact the office for paint supplies in order to correctly match the paint color.

  • When is my rent payment due?

    Rent is due on the first day of each month.

  • What day of the month am I liable for a late charge?

    Any rental payments received after the 5th of each month are considered late and a 10% late fee is applied. If you are paying your rent late you will also forfeit any monthly discounts you are receiving.

  • Will you accept electronic payments from my bank?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for a small transaction fee. We also accept electronic payments from your bank account free of charge. You can also set-up recurring automatic payments from your bank account free of charge.

  • Is there a place where I can pay my rent after office hours?

    There is a rent drop box located in the mail center.   There is also a 24 phone line for rent payments.  Please contact your leasing office for details.

  • There is a person who might be staying with me for a while, is that permitted by the lease?

    Any guest staying for longer than seven consecutive days will require written permission from the leasing office. Anyone living in the apartment home must submit an application and meet our credit and background standards.

  • My children live with me in the summer; do I need to notify your office when they arrive?

    For your safety, any guest staying for longer than seven consecutive days will require written permission from the leasing office. This includes anyone under 18.

  • Am I required to have renters insurance?

    You are not required to have renter’s insurance, but we highly recommend it.

  • Can I install my satellite dish at my apartment?


  • Where do I register to Vote?

    Voter registration can be done in person at the Department of Motor Vehicles or on their website at www.dmv.state.va.us

  • How is your property different from the competition?
    • Professional, Friendly and Sincere Office and Maintenance Staff.
    • Right across bridge from city!  Super easy access to major highways.
    •  Our apartment’s offer hard wood flooring, exposed brick, ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, and washer and dryers in your apartment. Miller Lofts has large apartments for a great value.
    • Pay your rent online or with a credit card. Submit a service request 24/7 through our Resident Portal for your convenience.
  • Will you accept my delivery packages for me?

    For your convenience, there is a package locker system which allows you to pick up packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • What utilities are included in my lease?

    Trash, full-size washer & dryers, and pest control.

  • Is there any additional storage space available at your property?

    No, but storage is available at Plant Zero.

  • Do you have reserved parking?

    We have reserved parking on site.

  • I have a motorcycle, where can I park it?

    If you have a motorcycle as a primary vehicle you can use your parking space.

  • Does the property have a fitness center?

    Coming soon we will have a 24 hour cardio and strength training facility for residents use.

  • Does the property have a swimming pool?


  • Does the property offer on-site recycling?


  • Are gas grills permitted at your property?

    Due to the city regulations, no open flame cooking devices are permitted at your apartment.   We do offer a grilling area around the pool.

  • What kind of pets do you allow? Do you permit exotic pets?

    We welcome cats and dogs!  In fact we have a Bark Park for the dogs.  Acceptable animals include domestic cats, dogs, turtles, non-poisonous frogs, domestic hamsters, hermit crabs, gerbils, and small domesticated birds and domestic fish. If dogs are permitted (site specific), the following breeds of dogs (or any mix of the following breeds) are permitted with approved temperament testing by the CoreRVA designated trainer: Pit bulls, (this includes American Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers), Rottweiler, German Shepherds, Huskies, American Bull Dogs, Alaskan Malamutes, Doberman Pinschers, Chow Chows, Great Danes, St. Bernard’s, Mastiffs, and Akitas. Prohibited animals include snakes, spiders, ferrets, and iguanas. When and if an approved animal is permitted on a property, additional pet privilege fees are required and additional requirements may be imposed. Pets must be at least 6 months of age.

  • Are there any deposits, special fees, or monthly charges to have a pet?

    A monthly pet privilege fee ($35/month for one pet, and $50/month for two pets) is required from residents with pets. This fee is used to cover treatment and cleanliness of common areas and other pet related activities undertaken to preserve the aesthetics and value of our community. This policy does not apply to disabled persons who require the use of a support animal, which will be reviewed on an individual basis.

    Please call our community if you have any other questions. We are happy to answer your questions and discuss any personal concerns.

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Smart Housing Calculator

Answer the questions below to see if you qualify for Miller Lofts @ Plant Zero's SMART Housing program.

Will ALL occupants be full-time students?

Please contact our leasing team for qualification criteria before proceeding with the application.

Check out some of our sister properties in the area.

How many people will be living in the apartment/home (including children)?

If the total annual income for all occupants is less than $32,520, you will likely qualify for SMART Housing.

Prices start at $749 for a 1-bedroom, or $881 for a 2-bedroom. To learn more, call 866-471-9227 or email us at live@millerlofts.com.