is high-style made doable

As a SMART Housing community, Miller Lofts @ Plant Zero participates in the federally-funded LIHTC program. This allows us to provide luxury apartments and first-rate amenities at surprisingly affordable rents.

Another huge benefit – SMART Housing rents are capped by the LIHTC program, and can’t increase faster than inflation. This means that, even if there’s a line of people at the leasing office door that stretches to the James River, your rent isn’t going to skyrocket.

A luxury apartment you love with a surprisingly affordable rent? AND it’s guaranteed to stay affordable? Sounds like a smart combination to us.

So what’s the catch? Why isn’t everyone doing this?

The answer is that not everyone qualifies for the SMART Housing program.  To be eligible, your household’s total income must not exceed certain set maximums. Use our quick online calculator below to see if you qualify.

Smart Housing Calculator

Will ALL occupants be full-time students?

How many people will be living in the apartment/home (including children)?

If the total annual income for all occupants is less than $36,300, you will likely qualify for SMART Housing.

Prices start at $845 for a 1-bedroom, or $992 for a 2-bedroom or $1,113 for a 3-bedroom. To learn more, call 804-429-1297 or email us at

Please contact our leasing team for qualification criteria before proceeding with the application.

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